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If you work for a school and would like to try out or use this app for your school, please register your school to get started or contact us at admin@ischoolride.com

From your device, go to the App Store or Google Play and download the iSchoolRide PickupLine app (available in both Android & iOS). Follow the instructions to install and register your new account

Yes. The PickupLine App allows you to add up to 8 students per Pickup.

Follow the steps below:

1.Go to the main menu by clicking on the menu from the top right corner of the main screen
2.Tap on “Pickup Card”
3.Tap on the add student icon near top right of Pickup card and enter your student information.
5.Go back to main screen. Go Offline and Online again for update to take effect.

Full instructions is in the link: https://www.ischoolride.com/news/view/4

The school knows you are in the pickup lane once you run the App, “go-online” and within the school Pickup zone which is defined by School Admin. The App does not send location once you leave the school Pickup zone or “go-offline.

The school would know only if the school Admin see you pickup your students (just like how it is today). The App does not know that you’ve picked up your student(s). School Admin will no longer see your location once you leave the school.

At the moment, iSchoolRide does not notify school if you are pickup your student(s) early. We are working to improve the App in the subsequence versions.

Only registered school Admin with valid School Registration code is authorized to see your location if you are in the school Pickup zone, turn on the App and “Go-online”.

You can use the Family feature to add up to three family members who can pickup your child on your behalf. Your family member needs to have an email and a valid phone number. Once you added a family member, this member will be assigned a family code which will be used to sign in to iSchoolRide PickupLine.

Instructions for using Family feature:

iOS: https://www.ischoolride.com/news/view/5

Android: https://www.ischoolride.com/news/view/10

Registration using Email

If this issue happens to you, please see below:

  • Please make sure that you don't share your account with your family or spouse. Multiple users login the same account will cause issue. Family members can be added using 'Family Members' feature. 
  • Make sure you have shared location with the app. 
  • Find out if your device is reporting location correctly. Some older devices might report inaccurate location. You can check by open Google map and see if your current location is shown correctly.
  • If you still have issues after checking on the above, please contact ischoolrideteam@gmail.com

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