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First School Admin to Download iSchoolRide Tracker App

  • To get started, School admin to download and install iSchoolRide Tracker App from App Store or Google Play
  • The iSchoolRide Tracker App will allow you to track parents in pickup line to pickup their kid(s)
  • If you have any questions, please contanct us at admin@ischoolride.com

*This app is for School Admin. Parents' app is further down.


Next Register Your School

  • Use iSchoolRide Tracker App to register your school. This will allow your school to be available in the app where parents will be able to register their kids for pickup. Follow the simple instructions from the App to register your school.
  • Upon your registration, a School Code and information for your free trial account will be sent to you via email. 
  • School Code is for School Admin to use to log into the iSchoolRide Tracker App  and for parents to register their kids. The School Code is to ensure that only parents with students go to this particular school are able to register for pickup.


Parents to download iSchoolRide PickupLine register your account using the school code.

  • Send School Code along with School Dismissal Instruction to parents
  • Inform parents to download iSchoolRide PickupLine App from Google Play or App Store
  • Register their account and use School Code to register their students for pickup
  • Provide instruction for parents as per school dimissal procedure. Parents will need to use the app as they arrive at school and in pickup line.

Register for your free account to get started