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Improve Student Safety

Students no longer have to stand in front of the school and wait for their parents as iSchoolRide will let school admin know where parents are in the pickup line and when parents are at the gate.

Reduce Wait Time

iSchoolRide notifies school admin when parents arrived at school and in pickup line so that school admin can just-in-time release the students to designated pickup area. Therefore, parents will be able to pickup the students quickly when they arrive at the gate. 

Stay Organized

With iSchoolRide, school admins can plan to organize the pickupline differently. School admins no longer need to use name signs, asking each car for student names or standing along the pickup line. The iSchoolRide Tracker App will let school admins know exactly when and where parents are in pickup line so that school admin can have students ready for pickup. 

More Time For Students

With iSchoolRide school admins will spend less time looking for students but rather more time to care for them - helping students get into their cars.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind knowing that the students are safer and the pickup line is more orgarnized.

Work Smarter

Maximize the capabilities of iSchoolRide to allow you to work smarter and have more time to focus on the student what matters most, student education.

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